Hi, I’m Yona, a designer in Seattle.  Jiarong is my Chinese name, coming from a poem describing cotton rose.

I was born and raised in China Mainland and moved to Texas for graduate school in 2019. After I got my master’s degree in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, I continuously worked as UX & web designer in UT-AI Health Lab, where I grew my interest to be a UX designer to help users and clients to solve problems. 

I worked in Likewize, where I’ve had the privilege of designing and redesigning much of the insurance/warranty app, as well as establishing the design system.

Trying new things always inspires me in my life and work. I guess that’s why I have so many interests –traveling, painting, hiking & swimming, cooking, animation, horror& Sci-fi movies, and, of course, Pizza!

- What I'm made of -

Soul Fuel

Design Superpower

Rapid Prototyping
UX strategy
User Research
Visual & Branding
Design System
Front-end coding
Motion Design

- Fun facts about me -

Miao ethinic minority

I'm Miao people, one of the largest ethnic minorities in southwest China.

Puppy coworker

My favorite colleague is Doodle, a corgi boy.

Good cooker

I am very talented in cooking, especially good at Asian food.

Fortune teller

I'm a reader of Zi Wei Dou Shu, also known as the Purple Star Calculations, one of the Chinese astrological forecasting methods.